Forest Land Management Services

Timber Marketing and Sales


■ A timber appraisal is performed to calculate the dollar valueof a timber stand. The three generally accepted approaches aresales comparison approach, cost approach and incomecapitalization approach.

■ We perform timber marking, this includes marking trees with different paint symbols indicating those to be harvested for saw logs,for pulp wood and to be dropped and left.

■ If your property is ready for a timber sale we evaluate the stand, perform timber marking, prepare bid packages and receive competitive bids, awarding the contract to the highest bidder. We then monitor compliance to bid terms and final cleanup before releasing the bond to the highest bidder.

■ Certain timber stands will generate greater revenue to the landowner from contract logging. With contract logging we will perform timber marking and then hire loggers to harvest your trees. We will then sell the logs, as pulpwood, saw or veneer logs, paying trucking as required. We recover the costs from the sales proceeds and settle with you monthly.

■ Specialty marketing to maximize value for the ever-changing global demand of forest products.

■ Timber bid preparation and management of harvests toresponsible purchasers.

■ Timber harvest monitoring services including utility right ofway clearing, transportation corridors, and subsurface resource development.

Wildlife Management


■ Hunting and lease management.

■ Whitetail deer management through fencing, deer management assistance programs (DMAP) or other methods.

■ Wildlife food plots.

Ground and Soil Management


■ Oil, gas and mineral management

■ Erosion and sediment control. 

Tree Growth Programs


■ Tree planting.

■ We will implement herbicide and pesticide programs to address specific problems on your property.

■ Timber stand improvement includes removing inferior trees to benefit superior trees, providing the superior trees appropriate crown space to increase growth rates.

■ Regeneration, the natural or artificial (by planting) renewal of trees in a stand. The regeneration of your timber stand after a harvest may need assistance to achieve your goals. Influences, including Invasives, whitetail deer and others may need to be addressed.

Other Services


■ Boundary lines are important and need to be maintained by periodic blazing and/or painting.

■ Timber trespass occurs when neighboring property is being harvested and trees are taken from your property. We can value the trees that were illegally harvested from your property and testify if legal actionis required.

■ Timber damage valuation for insurance or litigation purposes.

■ What happened in the past – why is your forest the way it is? We are in the forest every day. This experience allows us to interpret what happened in the past from its present condition. This then allows us to craft a management plan to achieve your goals.

■ Stand inventory is performed to calculate the volume of timber by species. The inventory can be a 100% inventory or based on a timber cruise with sample locations designed to statistically estimatethe inventory.

■ We prepare forest management plans designed to achieve your goals utilizing sound management practices.

■ Forest certification programs are third party auditing assuring sound forest practices.

■ We can assist you in acquisition or divestiture of timberlands.

■ We can assist you with environmental regulatory compliance.

■ Gate and property inspections.

■ Timber security services including site visits, security cameras,and surveillance.

■ GIS and GPS technologies for mapping and layering variousdata features.


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